Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blame the ratings for his crime

This 7" has been a favorite of mine lately.... I found a bootleg copy of it when I was in NY. It's hard to stop listening to it.

The only layout for this is The Victims printed on the front similar to the original (but of course on an actual cover nice and centered). The track listings aren't on the back though. The labels are spot on to the originals though.

Television Addict is such a catchy song... you can listen to it again and again without getting tired of it. This song is rawer and a little more edgier than most of the other Aussie releases of its time.

(I'm) Flipped out over you is a little more weirder and poppier. It's increadibly jittery and fast paced. It's a fun song but doesn't warrant the multiple plays that Television Addict does.

You can download the tracks from and make your own decisions about them. Still two top notch songs though.

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